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Northumberland Attractions

In and around Northumberland you'll find plenty of attractions on offer - depending on your taste from Bamburgh Castle still the home of the Armstrong family, to Alnwick Castle, also known as the School of Hogwarts fro Harry Potter films. Northumberland has a lot to offer.

Bamburgh Castle

Bamburgh Castle

Standing on a rocky outcrop overlooking miles of beautiful sandy beach, Bamburgh Castle dominates the Northumbrian landscape. The Castle became the passion of the 1st Baron Armstrong, engineer and industrialist, who, in the 1890's, began its renovation and refurbishment. This love of Bamburgh was passed down through the family to the late Lord Armstrong, who personally oversaw the completion of his ancestor's dream.Today, Bamburgh Castle is still the home of the Armstrong family, and visitors are able to enjoy what has been described as the finest castle in all England. The public tour includes the magnificent King's Hall, the Cross Hall, reception rooms, the Bakehouse and Victorian Scullery, as well as the Armoury and Dungeon. Throughout, these rooms contain a wide range of fine china, furniture, tapestries, arms and armour.

Hotels near Bamburgh Castle
The Sunningdale3 starfrom £57.50
St Cuthbert's House5 starfrom £90.00
Megstone House4 starfrom £55.00
Wyndgrove House4 starfrom £37.50
Regal House B&B from £85.00
Hadrian's Wall & Vindolanda

Hadrian's Wall & Vindolanda

Hadrian's Wall was built on the orders of the Emperor Hadrian. The primary function of Hadrian's Wall was to keep out the Picts. The Roman Army had advanced into north England but attacks by the Picts made life difficult for them. Hadrian's Wall was started in AD 122 and it remains a remarkable piece of engineering in the environment it was built in. Hadrian's Wall is 117 kilometers long and is built in stone. In places it is six meters high and three meters wide - enough for two soldiers to do sentry duty side-by-side. Every Roman mile (about 1500 meters) a mile-castle was built which housed twenty soldiers. Turrets guarded by soldiers were built every 500 meters. Major forts such as the one at Housesteads, were built along the wall at every eight kilometers. These could accommodate between 500 and 1000 Roman soldiers. Housesteads had a hospital, granary, barracks, workshop and washroom/toilets built. Stored grain was kept dry by the use of a hypocaust - this way, soldiers always a reasonable supply of food. A Roman road called the Stanegate was built to supply the soldiers based at Hadrian's Wall. All the building was done by the Roman soldiers themselves. They were trained to do this and the army had its own skilled engineers who designed the wall. That so much of the Wall has survived is a testament to their building skills.

Visit Roman Vindolanda today and you will find one of the North East’s most famous and not to be missed tourist attractions lying in the beautiful landscape of Hadrian's Wall Country. Formerly a key military post on the northern frontier of Britain, Vindolanda is the home of Britain's 'Top Treasure' - the Vindolanda Writing Tablets - and is one Europe's most important Roman archeological sites, with live excavations taking place every year. The recently fully refurbished on site museum provides a breathtaking exploration of the Trust's ongoing discoveries and accounts of Roman life. There are no other places on earth where it is possible to experience Roman Britain, Hadrian's Wall and history coming to life before your very eyes all in one space! Come and explore it for yourself and find out why Vindolanda is treasured worldwide.

Hotels near Hadrians Wall and Vindolanda
Huntercrook Lodge from £55.00
YHA Once Brewed3 starfrom £19.50
Bridge House BandB from £55.00
Chare Close4 starfrom £40.00
Ashcroft Guest House5 starfrom £50.00

Alnwick Castle

Alnwick Castle

The mighty medieval fortress of Alnwick Castle is one of Europe's finest. Set in a stunning landscape, this magical castle dominates the skyline and overlooks the historic market town of Alnwick. Alnwick Castle is the second largest inhabited castle in England and fabulous home of the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland whose family, the Percys have lived here since 1309. Harry Potter knows Alnwick Caslte well - it featured as his school 'Hogwarts' in the famous films. Scenes filmed at Alnwick include the flying lesson with Madame Hooch in Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone and the crash landing of the flying car into the Whomping Willow in Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. A fun and interactive attraction for children of all ages to find out about life as a Knight or Lady in medieval times. Play games, learn new skills, dress up and become a Knight of Alnwick.

Hotels near Alnwick Castle
The White Swan from £65.00
The Black Swan Inn from £85.00
The Georgian Guesthouse3 starfrom £50.00
Castle Gate3 starfrom £55.00
The Bondgate Boutique4 starfrom £60.00

Lindisfarne Castle

Lindisfarne Castle

Perched atop a rocky crag and only accessible over a causeway at low tide, Lindisfarne Castle presents an exciting and alluring aspect. Originally built as a Tudor fort to defend the area from nearby Scotland, its colourful past has also seen the castle used to protect Holy Island harbour and more recently as a coastguard station. The castle was disused and in a poor state of repair when it was rescued and converted into a private house and holiday home in 1903 by the renowned architect Sir Edwin Lutyens. This was for his friend and patron, Edward Hudson - the founder of Country Life magazine. The small rooms are full of intimate decoration and design, with views overlooking the spectacular coastline and the charming walled garden planned by the designer Gertrude Jekyll in 1911. Coastal walks offering the perfect opportunity for flora and fauna spotting are close by. Please be aware that Holy Island can only be reached by vehicle or on foot via a 3 mile causeway, which is closed from 2 hours before high tide until 3 hours after. Tide times are printed in local newspapers and displayed at the causeway. Alternatively, please contact the castle for details. To avoid disappointment we do advise that you check safe crossing times before starting your journey. To obtain information on Castle opening times and Causeway Safe crossing times, either log on to the lindisfarne website or send a SAE to Lindisfarne Castle or email stating which month you intend to visit.

Hotels near Lindisfarne Castle
Brockmill Farmhouse from £90.00
The Old Vicarage4 starfrom £72.50
The Sunningdale3 starfrom £57.50
Market Cross Guest House5 starfrom £70.00
Post Office House Bed & Breakfast4 starfrom £89.00

Other Attraction in Northumberland

  • Cragside - The revolutionary home of Lord Armstrong, Victorian inventor and landscape genius, was a wonder of its age. Built on a rocky crag above the Debdon Burn, Cragside is crammed with ingenious gadgets and was the first house in the world lit electrically.
  • Farne Islands - A visit to the Farne Islands is like a trip to another land – one inhabited by thousands of nesting seabirds rarely seen on mainland Britain.
  • Head of Steam - Darlington Railway Museum - The museum collection covers the railways of North-East England, with particular emphasis on the Darlington area. Of greatest significance is Stephenson's "Locomotion" (1825), which hauled the inaugural train on the Stockton and Darlington Railway.